About Education Plan Africa

Education Plan Africa is to serve as a support scheme to the average African child or Adult granting an assurance of positive comprehensive academic situation by the availability of support funds for students across the country/continent through an intelligence quotient(IQ) test which can be written 2 times within a calendar by an individual via the online platform.

The selection of individuals eligible for the support funds is based on the success attained at the online test which will last for 30minutes and the results is received via email at the conclusion of the examination online by applicant. Individuals not satisfied with their results has the opportunity to retake the examination once asides the initial examination taken within a calendar year.At November 30th of every year an announcement is made via the website and other media platforms on the selected hundreds and prospective thousands of beneficiaries across the country/continent to be granted this financial support to aid and improve their academic quality, zeal, passion, believe, value and their regular daily living.

Education Plan Nigeria aims to eradicate poverty, create job opportunities across the country, serve as a means of internally generated revenue and also boosts the quality of Education served to Africans within the continent in order to positively affect lives and improve our quality in every aspect of our daily living.Education Plan Nigeria also intends to reignite the passion and believe of our people to the values of Education for in it lays the development of our continent.

All individuals from the Secondary School to the University level (PHD) are eligible to apply for the Education Plan Nigeria examination. The examination is open to all AFRICANS within the CONTINENT and individuals of African descent having a valid African means of identification.This is strictly an African development scheme examination for Africans only.

Idea Developer

SAMUEL AYODEJI is a progressive African youth that seeks to add value and increase the hopes and aspirations of Africans to be of great and wonderful impact in their chosen careers or academic endeavours.

His impactful creative ideas have seen him work with various event organising platforms including the Dallas, Texas based “Ovacom media” where he gave writings and schemes to various celebrity projects in USA and Nigeria. He deals with the “3FS” which are, “FRAME” your brand, give your brand a “FACE” and you get the “FAME". His Event idea break down and execution enriches all as he creates enabling environment to achieve success.

Amenlla Megatop Concepts Limited owned by SESEBOR STELLA is a partner to the Education Plan Africa and Educate Africa Movement Platforms

Educate Africa Movement

Educate Africa Movement is an annual movement across Tertiary institutions in Africa in place to create and maintain an effective awareness on the value and positive impact of Education across the continent.This movement consists of a 45 minutes seminar and a 10 minute roadwork within the Institution’s premise in which the movement is been held.

We intend to all eradicate the undying “Braindrain” situation in Africa,create platforms for education development across the continent, eradicate poverty through our various platforms to be discussed at the seminar, create jobs for Africans across the continent, add value to the economic growth of the continent by creating means and avenue for continuous Internally generated revenue platforms adding to the continent’s individual country GDP, Serve as a positive channel for youths to engage in more positive actions than violence as a tool of her major activity.

Educate Africa Movement will portray all participating students in a uniform attire and message depicting “ONENESS” across the continent. The Educational system is a major tool for Economic growth as it builds our mental state to be at par with the rest of the world.

This movement will be broadcasted on various media platforms across the world as we intend to regularly reach-out to Africans, Individuals of African descents and regions with African interest in heart to always come home to add positive values to our ever-growing population in addition to benefiting from the support scheme.